Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office wipes out signs on stalls and the network explodes

Recently, the Cuahtémoc mayor’s office erased some of the most emblematic signs that adorned the variety of stalls, replacing them with a white one and the logo of the current administration.

The measure is part of a wider Day for Improvement of the Urban Environment, promoted by the administration since October last year, aimed at ordering street vendors and building a better urban image.

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Artistic groups have condemned that erasing the labels damages Mexico City’s graphic culture, leads to the loss of jobs and is part of the identity of the mayor’s office.

The annoyance caused the hashtag #conlosrotulosno to emerge on the social network, reflecting citizens’ discontent, and this, in turn, served as a catalyst for efforts to preserve the visual identity of the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, its An example is the work of the network Chilanga in defense of the art and popular graphics.

Why were trade marks removed?

Since the beginning of 2022, the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office has asked tenants to paint their businesses white and label them with the administration’s official image, a “program” announced in October 2021 “Apapachando a los Mercados”. is as part of.

Designed in three phases, the program aims at restoration of defunct campuses, reconstruction of campuses and modernization of facilities. Phase two is the one that is currently underway and considers remodeling of stalls, alterations to flooring, reactivation of CENDIS, remodeling of kitchens, salvage of common areas and provision of uniforms.

The mayor’s office assured that the project would provide “order” and “discipline”, similarly, it was assured that the regulation seeks to order street vendors, generate a better urban image, and create a register of merchants. who had not been promoted earlier.

Mayor claims results

Meanwhile, the head of demarcation, Sandra Cuevas, claimed the excellent results of the Comprehensive Day to Improve the Urban Environment on the social network.

In a tweet, the mayor made it clear that many tenants, such as a woman named Josefina, welcomed the measure, a position that conflicts with what was said by businessmen who do not agree, implementing it. way too little. without consulting them.

Citizens unite to protect signs and murals

Facing onslaught from the authorities, citizens have organized themselves to protect what is considered a heritage of Mexico City. An example of this is the work of the Chilanga network in defense of popular art and graphics, which it is doing on its social networks. A record about folk art that was erased.

Similarly, Internet users pointed to ignorance on the part of the mayor’s office by omitting the importance of signs in identifying the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, and recalling when it was home to the “Sensational Mexican Design” exhibit, where there were many specimens of the signs. Gathered, posters, photos, flyers and banners.

One of the most infamous cases was the case of the label “El Taquito de David”, according to the director of the work, Taquito Djokok, the picture was made at the request of a child who had helped his mother in that situation.

Unfortunately, the child died of COVID-19 and the label remained as a sentimental memory that, in turn, was part of the community, as neighbors knew the drawing and used it as a location point.

Following the decision to erase the sign, residents wondered how they could compensate for the loss, as the sign had a great collective emotional significance, and if they removed the white color, it would be a crime because it Mayor’s office will be against appointments.

Undoubtedly, this decision has been seen as an attack against the identity of the community and the popular culture of the mayor’s office, so it remains to be seen what the community will do and how the administration will deal with the discontent of its residents.

With information from La Prensa

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