Former Gulf Cartel leader Mario Cárdenas Guillén has been extradited to the United States

The United States Ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, said former Gulf Cartel leader Mario Cárdenas Guillén has been extradited to Texas for his possible responsibility for criminal association and crimes against health.

Via his Twitter, the official published an official statement confirming the action taken by the authorities and thanked Mexico for its cooperation.

Last Tuesday, May 17, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (FGR) had already announced that Cárdenas Guillán, aka “Metro 1” or “El Gordo”, would be handed over to US authorities for trial. Will go

“In compliance with the extradition treaty signed between Mexico and the United States, “he extradited a person of Mexican nationality as required by the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Texas to the Government of that country,” pointed to dependencies.

Capo, who led the Gulf Cartel in 2003 after capturing his brother Osil Cárdenas Guillén, was sentenced in April 2021 to 20 years in prison by a judge based in the city of Toluca, Mexico state. The offense of organized crime in the design of committing an offense against health, with functions of administration, supervision or direction.

He was currently an inmate at the Federal Center for Social Redemption, No. 1, El Altiplano, in the municipality of Almoloya de Juárez in the state of Mexico.

FGR indicated that the delivery of the person took place at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) on Tuesday afternoon, to US agents designated for his transfer to that country.

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The extradition agreement between the two countries was signed in 1978, however, the first extradition did not take place until 1995.

With information from EFE

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