In Tigres vs Atlas Mexican football, only 3 teams in Liguilla have come from behind with 3 goals or more.

After falling 3-0 to the red-and-black Atlas in the first leg of the Clausura 2022 semi-finals, Tigres has a three-goal difference to make it seem impossible to advance to the final of Mexican football.

The advantage for the Felines is not only that they will play at home at the Universitario Stadium, their side also has a place in the table; A tie overall would take them to the next round.

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However, the figures are not in their favor, as there are very few teams in the history of Liguilas that have lost the first leg by a margin of three goals and made an impressive comeback in the final match.


America did it in the finals of the Prod 85 tournament. They lost 4–1 in the first duel against Tampico Madero and won 4–0 in the return leg. Eduardo Bacques gave Azulcremas the title on minute 119, from a penalty, before the end of overtime and with the Eagles 3–0 at the Azteca Stadium.


Clausura In the 2003 playoffs, it was Chivas’ turn to be the hero; Cruz Azul had a 4–1 advantage in the first leg which seemed certain and increased as in the second leg, a goal from Francisco Palencia made it 5–1; But the herd reacted and goals from Joel Sánchez, Omar Bravo, Johnny García and Jair García put the ticket in hand for the Tapatios to finish in the overall score 5–5 and the best-placed finish in the general table.

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While the most recent opportunity was again La Maquina which lost a significant advantage; At Guard1ness 2020, Cruz Azul won the first leg 4-0 against Pumas and in the final duel he succumbed to the same score that allowed the club to advance to the final.

This setback shook the cement institute to such an extent that Robert Dante Siboldi was forced to submit his resignation.

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