They found hundreds of dead turtles near a conservation sanctuary in Oaxacas

Contamination of La Escobilla’s lagoon off the coast of Oaxaca, which turned its water pink, led to the discovery of the shells of hundreds of turtles that were victims of a secret slaughter.

The discovery took place near tortoise camps, believed to be turtle sanctuaries, in Oaxaca.

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A video circulating on social networks last Tuesday followed the release of images that said the water in the said body of water has turned pink in about 40 hectares.

This phenomenon, which was already observed in 2019 in Manialtepec and Coyula lagoons, is due to unusual concentrations of salt and variation in microorganisms, which released a pink pigment over the lagoon, which locals refer to as “La Salina”. know. ,

According to Oaxaca’s Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development, Universidad del Mar analyzes water samples to determine which organisms are present and offers a scientific explanation of the phenomenon.

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Local fishermen also reported the death of some lagoon species due to contamination.

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