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After a week of closure and controversy, the Veracruz Aquarium reopened its doors, now named “Aquarium del Puerto de Veracruz” and under the total control of the State Attorney for the Environment (PMA).

There was no variation in the property’s access cost or corporate image in this reopening, although officials confirmed that the entry fee would be reduced and there would be days when free access would be allowed.

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On the first day of reopening, the price board displayed an entry cost of 170 pesos for the general public and 110 pesos for children and those with INAPAM cards. Packages for accommodation with penguins are also offered with an average cost of 400 pesos.

The first to reopen the aquarium were students from three elementary schools from communities in the state of Veracruz; While on the outskirts of the commercial plaza, many families and tourists lined up to enter the tourist attraction.

The brand was designed to showcase the diversity of marine life and the greatness of the aquarium as one of the most important in Mexico. The logo integrates three distinct animals of the marine fauna which are a sea turtle, a manta ray and a shark, surrounded by various elements representing biodiversity.

The environmental attorney, Sergio Rodriguez, explained that prices would be adjusted in the coming days to make them more accessible, in addition to allowing enough income to be generated for the maintenance of the place, which is estimated at 90 million pesos. ,

The governor of Veracruz, Cuitlahuac García, promised to reduce prices and offer free access on one Tuesday of every month, in addition to allowing free access for biology students and basic-level school groups.

The head of the PMA announced that 20 million pesos are available for the liquidation of personnel, who will be re-employed by the unit with their equal pay.

The economic resources for liquidation of employees would be considered by the Attorney General’s office only and not by the Ministry of Finance as planned, so that these payments could be made immediately, he said.

Officials said that apart from maintaining the staff list, the organizational structure that manages the site will be maintained so that delivery-reception runs at least in the next two months, no change in the organizational chart is expected.

There is already a general act, but each area will be specifically reviewed to determine how many species there are and under what conditions. The financial issue will be handled with the PMA’s board of directors, as the proceeds will go to the finance ministry and taxes have already been paid to IMSS and 2 per cent to payroll.

Rodriguez Cortés said that this new phase of the “Aquarium of the City of Veracruz” will take a month to prepare and project a new image of this tourist complex.

Despite the reopening, investigations into the operations of the Veracruz Aquarium remain open, to determine whether there were any omissions or effects in the species located in the place.

At the moment, he indicated that there is no information that can be offered with certainty, as the strategy is planned to systematically acquire all areas of the enclosure, however, improvements and adjustments will be considered.

On Manatee’s death, he said that it has already been confirmed that the animal died inside the enclosure and its carcass was handed over to a hazardous waste management company.

He explained that a visit to PROFEPA is expected next week, in which the issue will be discussed, in addition to evaluating the status of permits and procedures required to validate the correct provision of services.

The ribbon-cutting was in charge of Juan Javier Gómez Cajrin, president of the Political Coordinating Board of the State Congress.

The inauguration was also attended by the local representative of the Murray Caucus, Ivan Chinacoya, Fernando Artega, as well as the Secretary of Education in Veracruz, Xeniazen Escobar García and officials from other territories.

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